Event and Meeting Space Reservations

Registered Student Organizations must register their events, meetings, and tables in Coug Presence.

A New Scheduling System

The CUB and Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center have transferred to a new scheduling system.  The CUB is offering in-person training sessions and encouraging anyone with questions to attend the training.

Scheduling Training Dates:

  • June 12 from 2-3 pm in CUB 204
  • June 16 from 11 am-12 pm in CUB 204
  • June 29 from 1-2 pm CUB in 204

Please direct questions to scheduling@wsu.edu.

Event Spaces

Senior Ballroom 220

Maximum capacity: 1000

Photo of Stage in the Auditorium

Auditorium 177

Maximum capacity: 475

Junior Ballroom 210-212

Maximum capacity: 300

Photo of Butch's Den

Butch's Den L60

Maximum capacity: 120

Meeting Room Spaces

Photo of the senate room

Room 204

Maximum capacity: 49

Meeting Room 310 with chairs, table.

Room 310

Maximum capacity: 30

Photo of Meeting Room 406

Room 406

Maximum capacity: 30

CUb 208 showing table, chairs, and white board

Room 208

Maximum capacity: 26

CUB 206 showing table, screen and chairs.

Room 206

Maximum capacity: 24

L37 table, chairs, and monitor

Room L37

Maximum capacity: 22

CUB L38 with chairs, table, and monitor

Room L38

Maximum capacity: 20

CUB L43 with table, chairs, and white board

Room L43

Maximum capacity: 19