Tabling at the CUB

The CUB offers tabling space to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), academic and administrative departments, and outside vendors. Table reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and before 4:00 p.m. on the previous day. For weekend and Monday tables, reservations must be made before 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

Table Locations

  • Indoor Spine Tables - Located on the first floor of the CUB outside The Bookie entrance, the indoor spine is reserved for RSOs tabling only.
  • Mall Tables - RSOs, academic, and administrative departments can table outside the CUB on the Terrell Mall.
  • Department Tables - Located near the CUB Food Court and Info Desk on the first floor, these tabling spaces are open only to WSU departments.
  • Chinook Tables - Tabling is also available outside the Chinook Student Center, located on Thatuna Street, next to Kimbrough Hall. Only RSOs can table at this location.
  • Mall Market Day Tables - Tabling opportunities are available for outside vendors on the Terrell Mall, but they are restricted to Mall Market Days, which occur twice a semester. To find out more about these days, contact the CUB Scheduling office at (509) 335-9444 or email All reservations must be made in person at the CUB Administration Office Room 140.
Reserve a Table

How to Reserve a Table

All table reservations are placed through the CUB scheduling portal.

  • Click the "Reserve a Table" button at the top of this page. On mobile, select "Continue as Guest."
  • Select the day and time, and make sure attendance is set to "1."
  • Under locations, select "Add/Remove."
  • Select an "Info Table" option for the location that fits your needs.  Do not select the building name.
  • Click the "Update Locations" button. Only available locations will be displayed.
  • Available table spaces should automatically populate.
  • Select the desired space and continue completing your request by selecting the "Request Details" tab at the top and filling out the needed information.
  • When finished, click the "Create a Request" button.


Contact the CUB Administration office at (509) 335-9444, email, or visit us in CUB Room 140.