Applying for RSO Office Space in the CUB

The CUB houses 13 office spaces dedicated to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Tenants of these offices have a one-year lease on their space.  Current tenants and any other Registered Student Organization in good standing are welcome to apply.  If space becomes available before the next scheduled application period, an application process may be promoted and opened to fulfill the remaining term of the evacuated lease.

Applications will open February 9th at 8:00AM and close March 8th at 11:55PM and are available on Coug Presence.

Please email the CUB Administration at for questions about space allocation.

The Space Allocation Process

Application Procedures

The annual Space Allocation Process for space takes place in February and March at the conclusion of a one-year lease cycle. Application forms are available on the WSU Coug Presence system.  Completed applications must be typed and submitted electronically by the specified deadline. Late applications will not be accepted, and no exceptions will be made.

If space is unallocated or vacant at the beginning of the fall semester, new space allocation applications will be accepted during a new space application process at the discretion of the CUB Advisory Board.

Criteria for Space Allocation

Allocation of space to groups will be decided based on the following:

  • Office hours and accessibility to students.
  • Programs and events and/or services provided.
  • Evidence of significant student participation or membership.
  • Utilization of space that produces quality programs and services that benefit the WSU campus community.
  • Suitability of group’s functions and need for available office space.
  • The space allocation application procedure *see below.
  • Compliance with the Lease Agreement and space Rules and Regulations.


The following requirements and procedures must be completed in order to retain or be granted office space in the Compton Union Building (CUB).

  • Groups applying for space must be an official WSU student group registered with the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership in good standing and with an accurate, up to date roster on Coug Presence.
  • Upon allocation of office space, groups must sign a lease agreement.
  • Organizations must schedule and hold a minimum of 15 office hours Monday through Friday for the spaces where the office is open to all members of the campus community.
  • Groups must operate in compliance with federal and state laws as well as WSU and CUB policies and procedures.


Upon review of the applications, the Space Sub-Committee of the CUB Advisory Board will rank applications, request further information if necessary, and determine which groups will be allocated space.  The Advisory Board may request groups present to the board and be given an opportunity to answer questions from the Board if they would like clarification or further justification on application materials. Depending on strength of the application, not all groups will be asked to present. Applications will be scored by a rubric based on the principles listed above.

When the Sub-committee has made a final decision, it will present its findings to the Board.  The Board will then approve or disapprove the proposal with a simple majority vote.


Appeals regarding the space allocation recommendations shall be presented to the CUB Advisory Board.  Appeal requirements are as follows:

  • To enter an appeal, a typed letter by the head of the group must be received by CUB Administration within two weeks of the Board’s decision.
  • The appeal shall be based on, but not limited to, one or more of the following arguments:
    1. The organizations must prove that an inaccurate assessment of space utilization has occurred.
    2. The organizations must justify their inability to meet recommended minimum office usage expectations.
    3. The organization must explain why it did not abide by CUB or WSU policies and procedures.
    4. The organization must explain what steps it will take to ensure that it will meet all the requirements of the lease in the next year if the appeal is accepted.
  • At the conclusion of the appeal process, a CUB Advisory Board meeting will be held to present final appeal decisions.

Provisional Status

To maintain space in the CUB each group must be currently active within the University as well as comply with the signed Office Space Lease Agreement.  All groups will need to fill out a Renewal Application and will also be randomly surveyed throughout the year to assess usage of the office space. 

  1. The survey will occur over the academic year starting no sooner than the second full week of classes in the Fall Semester through the last day of classes Fall Semester, and resuming no sooner than the first full week of classes Spring Semester and concluding one week prior to finals.
  2. Space checks will be made Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
  3. During a space check, it will be noted how many people are present and the conditions of the space.
  4. All spaces are expected to maintain a minimum of 15 office hours per week. To clarify, if a group has one member in their space from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., this equals two hours.  Office hours are when the space is open to the public and staffed by at least one person.  Increasing the number of people staffing the space does not increase the number of office hours.

Groups that are not meeting the minimum requirements, not fully utilizing their spaces, or not meeting the expectations during space checks will be placed on Provisional Status and will be notified of such status.  Any group placed on provisional status will remain so for the rest of the Fall Semester and Spring Semester and be monitored closely. 

If a group is placed on provisional status, they will be given a written statement from the Board describing the reasons behind the decision, what can be done to fix the situation, and the steps moving forward.  At any time, a group can request to speak with a designee of the Board to further discuss the matter.


The CUB Advisory Board shall have the power to end a lease prior to the end date for any reason with a majority vote and with 30 days' notice to the organization of the termination date.