Compton Union Building Funding and Fees 

The CUB provides key services and spaces for all students on campus. About 8,000 patrons come through our doors every day during the academic year!

We support 350+ RSOs, 10 CUB resident departments, 3 banking institutions, 5 cafes, 2 retail outlets, 2 service centers, and a food pantry. On average, we receive 14,000 reservation requests for meetings, events, and tables each year. Of those, 50 percent are from RSOs, and we waive an average of $30,000 in facility fees and event support to these groups.

We support our spaces, residents, and services through an annual operating budget of approximately $9 million. This funding comes from a combination of fees, lease income, and miscellaneous revenue from things like sales and university support.

The chart below shows a breakdown of our revenue. An explanation of each item is below the chart.

Revenue Generation 2023-2024

Funding Source Amount Received Percentage
Mandatory Student Fees  $3,841,379 46%
 S&A Fees  $1,493,791 18%
 Pledged S&A Fees  $647,000 8%
Lease Income $1,258,843 15%
Miscellaneous (Facility Usage, Sales, Univ Support)  $1,087,000 13%
Total  $8,328,013 100%

Mandatory Student Fees: Mandatory fees collected from each Pullman student enrolled in 7 or more credit hours per semester. The mandatory fee was approved by student vote in 2005 to fund the renovation of the CUB, which was built in 1952. The renovation, completed in 2008, cost $86 million. The fee covers our annual bond payments of approximately $5.7 million as well as operations, maintenance, and student jobs. Our bond commitment is 30 years, with the last payment due in 2039. You can see the current fee amount on the Student Financial Services website.

S&A Fees: Each spring, the CUB requests an annual allocation from the S&A Fee Committee. These funds cover portions of salaries, wages, benefits, goods and services. The CUB’s annual S&A Fee request is one of the few areas where we can increase our overall revenue, which is important as operating costs continue to increase. See below for more information on S&A Fees.

Pledged S&A Fees: The CUB receives $647,000 annually from S&A general funds, which are collected from the S&A Fees that each student pays each semester. This is an annual commitment and was approved for the 30 years the CUB must make bond payments.

Lease Income: Income generated from the lease payments made by CUB tenants. Tenants include credit unions and dining locations.

Miscellaneous: Income generated through event space rentals and support, sales, and university funding.

S&A Fees

S&A Fees are a vital part of CUB funding. The CUB requests funds from the S&A Fee Committee each year and uses them to support the following:

S&A Fee Usage 2023-2024

Usage Amount Allocated Percentage
Student Wages $328,634 22%
Salaries $672,206 45%
Graduate Assistantships $0 0%
Benefits and Modernization Fee $298,758 20%
Goods and Services (copying, printing, programming, education, telephone) $194,193 13%
Travel $0  0%
Total $1,493,791 100%

In addition, S&A Fees fund critical infrastructure and operations support:


  • Open 94 hours a week during the academic year
  • Student groups and organizations have free access to meeting rooms, equipment, and receive priority use of event space (1 complimentary annually)
  • Complimentary and public use for students of lounges, billiards, televisions, outlets, and phone charging stations

Registered Student Organization Administration

  • Process disbursements and deposits for over 350 RSOs 
  • Process daily deposits and ensuring compliance to policies
  • Staff available to provide a fast turnaround time on financial paperwork without a check issuance fee

Technical Support

  • Desktop and server replacement plan and technical support for over 250 machines for 9 CUB Community Departments and all student organizations housed in the CUB
  • Provide telephone and ethernet service to student areas, with annual billing of $26,200

Marketing Support

  • Direct design and planning support for several programs including ASWSU, GPSA, Center for Civic Engagement, Gender/Identity Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center, Multicultural Student Services, Student Entertainment Board, and Center for Student Organizations and Leadership.
  • Marketing support for digital signage and postings throughout the building
  • Provide Coug Presence administration and oversight, web design, and support for over 400 RSO groups, RHA, ASWSU and GPSA

Student Staffing

  • Provide approximately 80 students with enhanced employment experiences to maintain the highly utilized building
  • Develop a training plan to yield learning outcomes in leadership, professional and personal development

The chart below shows the CUB's historic S&A Fee allocations, from 2013-14 to the current academic year.

S&A Fee Allocation 2013-Present

Year Allocation % Change
2023-2024 $1,493,791 -7.4%
2022-2023 $1,614,056 9.8%
2021-2022 $1,468,808 2.7%
2020-2021 $1,430,070  -13.94%
2019-2020 $1,661,773 2%
2018-2019 $1,629,189  2.4%
2017-2018 $1,589,803 1.12%
2016-2017 $1,572,229 4.31%
2015-2016 $1,507,225 4.98%
2014-2015 $1,435,721 -9.14%
2013-2014 $1,580,221 NA