Compton Union Building

Flush Flashes

To protect the integrity of the Compton Union Building, policies are in place with regard to posting materials in and around the building. Multiple opportunities are available to your organization or department for effective promotion.


Registered Student Organizations, WSU Departments and academic-focused events (study groups, note-takers, etc.) are permitted to post on certain bulletin boards inside the CUB. Locations

  • Lower Level
    • Bottom of the stairs near Butch's Den
    • 2 locations on the Lower Level main corridor
  • Next to L37
  • Next to L38
  • Next to L44
  • Third Floor
    • Next to KZZU
    • Across from the Student Organization Center

Poster Policies

  • Posters should promote university events, events sponsored by a Registered Student
  • Organization, student sponsored activities or WSU department sponsored activities.
  • Entities not related to WSU are not authorized to use this resource.
  • Use only the provided push pins for posting.
  • Do not cover other posters.
  • Remove your poster when it is expired.
  • Leave push pins behind for others to use.

Flush Flashes

Flush Flashes are flyers posted in the bathroom stalls in the CUB.

  • Union Marketing will take 12 flush flashes per event
  • Flush Flashes will be put up for a maximum of one week
  • Flush Flashes must be printed horizontally
  • Flush Flashes must be 8.5" (Tall) X 11" (Wide)
  • Flush Flashes are put up on a first come, first served basis
  • Union Marketing does not return flush flashes

Sandwich Boards

  • Union Marketing only accepts Sandwich Boards that are 31" (Wide) X 41" (Tall)
  • Sandwich Boards must be printed in portrait orientation
  • Union Marketing will take up to two Sandwich Boards per event
  • Sandwich Boards will be put up for a maximum of two weeks
  • Sandwich Boards are put up on a first come, first served basis
  • Sandwich Boards must be professionally printed on waterproof paper (Printing service provided on campus by BCU and University Communications)

Union Marketing reserves the right to reject inappropriate or offensive material. Union Marketing is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged materials such as posting holders. However, we will make every possible effort to return your materials in the condition we received them.