Compton Union Building

Compton Union Building Venue Pricing

Meeting Rooms Hourly Rates

 Venue Registered
 WashingtonState University
 L37 $10  $20 
L38   - $10 $20
 L43  - $10 $20 
Reunion Conference Room (70 F)  $10  $20 
 206 $15  $30
 208 $15 $30 
 310 $15 $30
 406 $15 $30
 Senate Room (204) $20 $50 

Small Public Performance Spaces

 Venue Registered
 WashingtonState University
 Reunion Stage (50 S) ** $35 NA
The Lair (101)  **  $35  NA

Event Spaces (three hour minimum reservation)

 Venue Registered
 WashingtonState University
 Butch’s Den (L60) ** $30 $100
Auditorium (177)  $50*  $70  $200
Full Junior Ballroom (210-212)  $50* $70 $200
210 $25*  $30  $100
212  $35*  $45  $150
M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom (220) $70*  $105 $250

Rates include basic audio/visual equipment, tables & chairs, and setup & takedown labor; does not include tech labor during the event.

*Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) receive one Venue Fee Waiver per year, otherwise default to residence rate.  This waiver includes reasonable event labor.

**RSOs can schedule an unlimited number of events in Butch’s Den (L60), The Lair (101), and Reunion Stage (50 S) free of charge, but can only schedule them one at a time.  RSOs that have more than one reservation at any given time will be charged the departmental rate for the extra reservations.

RSOs can schedule an unlimited number of two-hour meeting rooms at no charge.  There is no two-hour limit when used in conjunction with larger event space reservations.

RSOs receive free break out meetings rooms along with the purchase (or approved fee waiver) of an event space.


    Patrons may access their reserved space only during the "Pre-Event," "Event," and "Post-Event" times as indicated on the reservation form.  All guests and non-CUB property must exit the reserved space by the appointed time. Late fees will be assessed at a rate of $250/hour.


    Storage space for event-related materials is not available in the Compton Union.


    Basic audio/visual equipment, tables/chairs, and setup/takedown labor are included in venue prices for CUB meeting and event spaces.  Additional audio/visual needs can be discussed with the event scheduler during an event planning meetings. The CUB does not rent equipment for outside use, however, Beasley Coliseum offers a variety of event equipment rentals.


    All decorations must be approved by and coordinated with specific permission from Compton Union Administration.  Small glitter and glow sticks are prohibited.


    Guest parking for the Compton Union can be found in the Smith Center or Library parking garages.  Hourly parking is available during the day; flat rates are available evenings and weekends.  For more information on garage rates go to


    Catering can be reached at 509-335-3570 or

    All catering in the Compton Union or on the Glenn Terrell Mall (extending to Library Road) will be provided by University Catering with the following exceptions. 

    WSU Department Meetings – A meeting attendee may purchase or bring food to a departmental meeting provided it is an individual serving size and is only for their individual consumption (e.g. a soda, sandwich, etc.).  If food is being provided for the attendees of a meeting it must be purchased through University Catering. 

    Student Organization Meetings – Student Organizations may purchase food for their event from either University Catering at a 20% discount or from another vendor in the Compton Union. Student Organizations may purchase or bring their own snacks or light refreshments from outside vendors to a regular organization meeting in CUB meeting rooms (not for events in CUB event venues) provided, (1) the value does not exceed $100, (2) the snacks or light refreshments do not include meal or entrée items, e.g. pizza or sandwiches, (3) the snacks or light refreshments are provided for a regular group meeting rather than a special event, and (4) the snacks or light refreshments are not advertised to the general public.


    Depending on size and complexity of the event, online event reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance.  Various event and facility staff need to be scheduled to accommodate each event and adequate time is needed for event organizers to meet with event schedulers to finalize details.


    Cancellation within 60 days of the reservation will result in a 25 percent cancellation fee; labor charges will be applied if staff already set up for the event.  There will be no cancellation fee if a reservation is cancelled in less than 3 business days after the reservation was initially made.


    Scheduling –

    • Student Organizations can apply for one Venue Fee Waiver per academic year (July 1-June 30) in the Senior Ballroom, Junior Ballroom, or Auditorium.
    • Student Organizations receive FREE and unlimited use of Butch’s Den, the Lair, and the Reunion Stage for events, but can only schedule one event at a time, AV labor charges will apply if applicable.
    • Student Organizations can schedule an unlimited number of 2 hour meetings at no charge. If meetings are held in Butch's Den, AV labor charges will apply, if applicable.
    • Note: meeting rooms in the Compton Union may not be reserved for studying unless the organization pays the associated room rental fees.


    • The RSO requesting the event must be registered in CougSync.
    • RSO event organizers must meet with an event scheduler at least 14 days prior to the event to discuss needs and details.
    • Student Involvement requires that all RSO events be registered through CougSync at least 14 days in advance in order to allow time to review risk management.
    • RSO Venue Fee Waiver



    NOTICE: When using a CUB indoor Spine and/or outdoor Terrell Mall Table you hereby agree to the following “use conditions." Please be sure all users in your group are aware of and comply with these fees and conditions. Failure of your group to comply with these fees and conditions may result in denial of future requests.

    1) Table Check-out/Check-in Location is at the CUB Information Desk. Your group is responsible for transporting tables and chairs. All activity is restricted to within 3ft of the table. Wandering about the Mall or in the CUB to address patrons is not allowed. Table reservations are scheduled back to back so arriving early or staying late is not an option. Please note: Even if your activity does not need a table, you still need to have a Table Space reservation.

    2) Student Group Event Registration is required for any activity that includes fundraising, distribution of items including food and beverage, ticket sales, and donations. This is a separate risk management process you initiate on CougSync by selecting “Create an Event”. NOTE: RSO’s are only allowed to sell items they own, not on behalf of other vendors.

    3) Storage of any kind is not available before, after, or between reservations.

    4) Amplified sound of any kind is not allowed.

    5) Guidelines for where you can setup a table on the Terrell Mall are west of the CUB west entrance, east of Library Road, and are first come-first serve. There must always be a 20’ access through the Mall for emergency vehicles. NOTE: All reservations are rain or shine. Canopies or moving to an indoor table on the reservation date is not an available option. Anything other than a single table reservation is considered a “Event”, not a table reservation. You will need to inquire about Mall event reservations in the Scheduling Office. Access to power is limited to some of the light poles in the Mall but please note, CUB staff does not maintain or provide that access, or offer extension cords.

    6) Indoor CUB Spine Tables location and accommodations are at the discretion of the Facility Staff along the Spine wall although it’s normally first come, first serve. Access to power is not available.

    7) RSO's not housed in the CUB are limited to 10 table reservations, Monday-Friday in any 30 day period. Weekend reservations do not apply to your group’s total.

    8) You must have a member for your group at the table at all times. Drop boxes, donation bins, or un-manned materials are not allowed.

    Further information can be found online at


    The CUB General Scheduling Policies are not limited to the contents found in this document. If you would like clarification or have questions not specifically addressed, please contact the CUB scheduling staff in CUB 140 for assistance.