Compton Union Building


    Animals/Pets are not allowed in the building except for certified/official service animals. Other exceptions would include animals for programmatic purposes (e.g. Birds of Prey) provided that they have been pre-approved by CUB Administration and Environmental Health & Safety.


    Donation boxes sponsored by Student Organizations or Departments are permitted provided they are accompanied with a table reservation and are staffed at all times – unstaffed or overnight donation boxes are not allowed.  *** Exception: CUB Administration may choose to sponsor a donation drive independently or in partnership with a CUB Resident.


    Free speech activities are subject to the regulations and requirements of the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC). 

    View the latest policies and information from the Washington Administrative Code.


    As part of a fundraiser WSU Departments and Student Organizations may sell merchandise within the Compton Union and on Glenn Terrell Mall provided the following:

    • The Department/Organization owns the merchandise prior to selling it (so as not to merely be fronting for a private/commercial business). For example, Krispy Kreme doughnuts or bake sale items are generally approved items.
    • Student Organizations must register their fundraising event with the Office of Student Involvement.
    • Any food or product distributed needs to be approved and should not compete with primary food or product provided by University Catering, Compton Union vendors, or vendors that have a contractual agreement with WSU.
    • Fundraiser must take place in conjunction with a CUB table or space reservation. All regulations regarding the use of tables apply, including sales may only occur within 3 feet of their table – groups may not solicit throughout the building.

    All items left in meeting rooms will be brought to the lost and found located at the Information Desk. Items that exceed a value of $25 will be turned over to Public Safety, all other items will be removed after 30 days. Compton Union staff will tag the items with the date and location of where it was found.



    – All catering in Compton Union event spaces will be provided by university catering.


    – Student Organizations may purchase catering items from either University Catering at a 20% discount or from another vendor in the Compton Union.


    –Student Organizations may purchase or bring their own snacks or light refreshments from outside vendors for organizational meetings provided: (1) the value does not exceed $100, (2) the snacks or light refreshments do not include meal or entrée items, e.g. pizza or sandwiches, (3) the snacks or light refreshments are provided for regular meetings, (4) the snacks or light refreshments are not advertised to the general public.


    – An individual may purchase or bring food to a meeting room provided it is an individual serving size and is for their own consumption only (e.g. a soda, sandwich, etc.) – food that is provided for attendees of a meeting must be purchased through University Catering.



    Digital signage, located throughout the CUB, is a cost-effective, sustainable, and effective way to spread the word about your organization or event. 

    View the latest information about on-campus digital signage.


    To protect the integrity of the Compton Union Building, policies are in place with regard to posting materials in and around the building. Multiple opportunities are available to your organization or department for effective promotion. Click here for a full list of print posting locations and related policies.