Compton Union Building

Tabling at the CUB

Table reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and before 4pm on the previous day. For weekend and Monday tables, reservations must be made before 4pm on Friday.

Here at the CUB we offer tabling spaces to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), academic and administrative departments, and outside vendors. Organizations can use these tables to promote themselves as well as sell tickets for their events.

There are three different kinds of tabling opportunities that we offer at the CUB. The first are Spine tables, offered only to RSOs, that are set up along the bench in front of the bookie on the first floor (as seen above).

The second are Mall tables, offered to both RSOs and departments on the Glenn Terrell Mall.

The last option is a Department table, only offered to WSU departments, located in the CUB across from the information desk against the back of the quiet lounge.

To reserve a table, RSOs and academic and administrative departments can go to the scheduling website.

We do offer tabling opportunities for outside vendors, but they are restricted to specific days of each semester. These days that occur twice a semester are called Mall Market days. Outside vendors must reserve these tables in person at the scheduling office in CUB 140, the administration office.

Table Check-out/Check-in Location is at the CUB Information Desk. Your group is responsible for transporting tables and chairs. All activity is restricted to within 3ft of the table. Wandering about the Mall or in the CUB to address patrons is not allowed. Table reservations are scheduled back to back so arriving early or staying late is not an option. Please note: Even if your activity does not need a table, you still need to have a Table Space reservation.