Compton Union Building

A student puts ketchup on a hamburger

Wednesdays on the Mall

Check out weekly lunch specials during the all-campus barbecue and music on the Terrell Mall in front of the CUB!

Students walk by the CUB

CougPrints Plus

CougarCopies and Cougar Express Mail have merged to become CougPrints Plus. Same mail and printing services with a new look. Visit them on the CUB ground floor.

Outside the CUB on a spring day

Dining at the CUB

The Bookie Cafe, Carlita's, Freshens, Panda Express, Pizza Pipeline and Subway are open this summer.

Digital signage featured in the CUB

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a cost-effective, sustainable, and effective way to spread the word about your organization or event.